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About Fabrication

Our fabrication commences with an onsite meeting where a precision laser template will be completed. At this time we will need you to supply us with the exact details and dimensions of the fixtures we will be working with (sinks, faucets, stoves/ovens, and cooktops) so that we can input this information in to the template. This measurement will be scheduled once your cabinet boxes have been installed in order to ensure the best fit and outcome for your project

Once we have generated a template, your file is transferred to our computer Auto Cad system, which is programmed to meet the specific requirements of your unique project. Each piece of material (which you  have previously selected) is first “phototed” and then inserted into our Smart Cut Saw. This technology allows us to photograph each piece of material and place each piece of your job on to the material to ensure proper graining and precise seam placement. Once properly placed, the Smart Cut Saw will cut each piece. During the final phase of production, the slab is placed into our CNC machine, which will cut and shape each piece to its exact dimensions and selected profile.

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