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Granite is a natural product formed through the slow crystallization of particles below the earth’s surface. Large boulders are excavated and sliced to create the raw slabs. These slabs are then polished by machines and later cut to meet our customers’ needs.
Granite is stain, scratch and heat resistant and, therefore, very difficult to damage (however, it is still possible to stain and scratch the surface). Most granite slabs currently receive a resin coating such that you will not have to seal or reseal your surfaces. If the colour you have selected does not have this resin coating we can direct you to sealing products that you can apply to the surface once a year. If the water on the countertop stops beading and starts absorbing then it is time to reseal the surface. Granite and other natural stone products are porous in nature and are comprised of many particles. Some slabs will have pitting and fissures that can be felt with your hand. This, as well as the markings on a particular slab are normal and create the uniqueness of each piece of granite we work with.
Granite is available in many standard to exotic colours as well as different finishes. Most products come in a polished finish but some can be leathered or honed. Granite is relatively easy to maintain. For every day cleaning, all you require is dish soap and warm water to wipe up spills. Some granite cleaners are available on the market but anything containing harsh chemicals can cause residues to build up and create a foggy appearance on the surface of countertops. Actual stains which permeate the surface of countertops can be cleaned with a methyl hydrate products, which will gradually pull the stain out through the surface over time- a benefit of the granite’s natural porosity. While granite is a very hard and durable product, we recommend the use of hot places and cutting board to preserve its finish.