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Marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones available on the market. Its beauty adorns most of the great structures in the world yet it is extremely high maintenance and difficult for use in high traffic areas. It is for that reason that many quartz product try to mimic the look of marble.

Marble is a soft material and is easily scratched. Marble countertops should be sealed at least every 6 months (or when water stops beading and starts penetrating the stone), especially if they are subjected to daily wiping and washing. Care must be taken against dragging or cutting directly on its surface.

Marble does age beautifully but as it ages it changes from the once perfectly polished piece of stone to a, still beautiful, duller look.

Maintaining marble is similar to granite in that you can clean it with just soap and water. Be sure to seal your marble countertop as suggested to repel staining. Sealing your marble does not make it stain proof.

Never put vinegar, citrus or tomato directly on a marble countertop. These products will etch the surface. It is recommended you treat your marble countertop the way you would treat a wood countertop. It is also important to avoid using any acidic or abrasive cleaners that may etch the surface as well. Be sure to wipe any spills up immediately.

It is important to understand the characteristics and maintenance guidelines before deciding to put marble countertops in your home.