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Frequently Asked Questions

From the time of measure please allow 7-10 business days for us to fabricate the pieces and schedule an install time. We will do our best to accommodate any deadlines.

Please allow 1 to 3 hours for our crew to be on site to complete your installation. The time frame will depend on the size of the job.

Although we will mount all undermount sinks we do not complete the hook up of any plumbing. Please schedule a plumber to come at least 24 hours after your countertop is installed. We suggest 24 hours as a minimum to allow all glue to dry on sinks allowing for full strength.

When you receive an estimate it will be by square footage. This price includes supply and install as well as the mounting of all undermount sinks. There are no hidden costs in our pricing. The profiling as well as seams are included in the pricing. We do not charge extra for additional seams or details so long as there are no changes to the square footage.

The removal of old countertops is not included in our pricing. Please have old countertops removed prior to the installation date. If you do need someone to remove your old countertops, we can complete the removal for an addition charge.

You do not need a new sink or faucet if you are getting new countertops. If you would like to use the same sink or faucet we will either need the model numbers or the physical product in our shop.

Before we come to install please make sure the old countertops have been removed, the existing plumbing has been disconnected, all undermount sinks are on site. Also please make sure that there is a clear path for our truck to back up and from the door to the place of install.

Please note that our installers need to wear their steel toe boots while carrying in pieces. If possible please cover floors where they will be walking. We will try to accommodate all living situations to help make the installations process run smoothly.

While you might think granite/quartz would require a lot of attention, quite the opposite is true. All you need to do to clean your new counters is use some hot water and soap and you wipe them down with a dish cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals on your new counters as they can eat away the resin coating and leave your countertops looking foggy. Products made specifically for granite/quartz counters will not cause any harm but to keep it easy, hot water and soap is the best way to care for them.