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Quartzite although by name may sound similar to Quartz, it is not. Quartz is a man made product where as Quartzite is a natural stone similar to Granite and Marble.

Quartzite is a hard stone but because it is a natural porous product it has a higher chance of staining, similar to other natural stone. Quartzite may require more upkeep, such as sealing, but it is worth the extra work to enjoy it’s beauty. However, it’s beauty does not come cheap as Quartzite is found to be one of the more expensive stones.

Quartzite is found in many different colours but the most common are white or lighter colours. Although Quartzite is not as strong as manmade Quartz, it is a stronger stone then Granite or Marble. It is also more scratch resistant then other natural stones and Quartz. Your Quartzite countertop is also more acid resistant, meaning the surface won’t etch when exposed to acidic foods, such as lemon, unlike Marble.

If you are looking for a countertop that is one of a kind then Quartzite may be right for you.

How do you know if your countertop requires sealing? Take a look around the sink area where it is exposed to more water than other areas. If you notice the stone is getting darker as it gets wet that means the water is being absorbed and therefore it is time to seal your countertop. Make sure you remove everything off your countertop and clean the surface well to inhibit any stains from being sealed in. Once the surface is clean and dry, place a coat of sealer evenly across the surface and allow it to dry for 24 hours. One the drying process is done wash the surface with warm water and soap to remove any excess sealer.