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Porcelain is the newest trend to the stone countertop industry. It’s modern look is starting to become more popular in newer homes.

When Porcelain slabs are manufactured they are baked in high temperatures which create a material that is resistant to scratching and cracking. This is the positive side to Porcelain countertops. Another positive is their light weight as the slabs are very thin they are easier to carry. They will never require any sealing as they have glazed surfaces. However, with that said it is important to note that the finish is only on the surface where as a natural stone or Quartz product is the same throughout the slab.

When selecting Porcelain it is also important to know that the only options for edging are mitred or square because the product is very thin you cannot achieve other edge details.

Porcelain counter although scratch resistant they are not scratch proof and therefore can be scratched. If this does happen you will then see that the finish beneath is not the same as the surface and therefore is harder to repair.  

Although the cost is less than a natural stone, there is additional labor cost in order to achieve a strong countertop with such a thin material.